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20 Epic Pictures From Indian Cricket

Here are some 20 epic pictures from Indian cricket that every Cricket fan need to see.

1. Who said Fire and Ice can’t celebrate together?

2. Dear God, I’ll run like you. I’ll hold the bat like you. I’ll play like you.

3. The look in a devil’s eyes when he sees two of his victims in front of him.

4. They always talk about removing the shirt but how about a flying hug?

5. Storm is what he brought. He chose the place Sharjah, but World is what he conquered.

6. Bully me while I field,

Because when I’ll come to bat, you have to take that.

7. Never ever, I repeat, never ever insult an Indian when everyone’s watching.

8. If the word ‘gentlemen’ was a picture.

9. Miracles happen. All you need is an intent.

10. Kolkata rose. India rose. Indian cricket rose. It wasn’t just a match. It was a revolution.

11. Oh, you can’t go to the office because you have fever. Let me win the world cup while I have cancer.

12. You thought I will block, didn’t you?

13. Are you a 90’s born? Have you ever played cricket? Yes? Then don’t claim yourself a cricket fanatic if you haven’t tried to copy this.

14. What if I tell you, there is a cricket beyond batting and bowling.

15. Told you, experience is overrated.

16. You idiot! I told you not to hit a six. You were never going to listen to me, were you?

17. A magnificent strike. It isn’t just a shot. It is an emotion.

17. Life isn’t fair, is it?

19. So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.

20. This was the day when it all began.

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