4 Indian Cricketers Who Have Very Bad Habits, Number 1 Is Known As ‘Bad Boy’

There are two types of people in this world, good and bad. You must remember this dialogue. In ‘My Name Is Khan’, Shahrukh Khan had spoke this in his own style. Like every coin, every person has two sides, good and bad. This thing applies to Our Indian cricketers also. We have four cricketer who are victims of dirty habits. So let’s know about their dirty habits.

4. Virat Kohli

Captain and chief batsman of the Indian cricket team Virat Kohli has made many records in the cricket world, but some pictures of Virat reveal his bad side. Virat Kohli is fond of drinking precious liquor of different brands. He does not even drink water of our country. His this habit is very bad.

3. Sreesanth

India has very few good fast bowlers and Sreesanth is only a fast bowler who is capable of scaring the opposition team with his bowling. The name of the Sreesanth also came under those few good fast bowlers. But because of his bad habit of sports fixing, he himself put a full stop on his own career. Sometimes after drinking excessively, Sreesanth has also made a controversy in the media.

2. K. L. Rahul

In last season of IPL and in the many international cricket matches of India KL Rahul’s performance was very good. People sees a talented batsman in him. Many photos of K. L. Rahul who has been beaten the opposing team several times have been viral on social media in which he was seen drinking very expensive liquor. Now this is a bad habit….Everyone knows but very few tells it bad!

1.Vinod Kambli

You must remember our Former cricketer Vinod Kambli. His memories with Sachin Tendulkar will be fresh in everyone’s mind. The opening pair of both have made several record breaking innings on ground. Vinod Kambli was known as ‘Bad Boy’. Because his name has come in a various disputes. He is a fierce addictive of cigarettes and alcohol.

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