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4 Records of Cricket History: Which are Difficult to Break, Number 1 & 2 are awesome

It is said that anything can happen in cricket anytime. Many records are created and broken in cricket. But there are some records in the cricket world which is impossible to break.

Brian Lara, 400 not out

Brian Lara scored an unbeaten 400 in a Test match against England in 2004, which is a world record and breaks the record is very difficult.

Sachin Tendulkar’s international run and century

Sachin Tendulkar, who is known as Lord of Cricket, has scored 34357 runs in his international career and has scored 100 hundreds. Out of which 51 centuries have been scored in Tests and 49 centuries in ODIs. Their record seems impossible to break.

Rohit Sharma highest run-scorer in ODIs

Rohit Sharma has scored 264 runs in ODIs against Sri Lanka, which is a world record and it is very difficult to break. He faced 173 balls for this.

Yuvraj Singh’s T20 record

It is possible for Yuvraj Singh to make such records in T-20 matches in 2007. It included Yuvraj’s 6 sixes in Stuart Broad’s 6 balls and a 50-ball knock at 12 balls. This record has been safe for the past 11 years.

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