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5 cricketers who battled cancer successfully

Nowadays, in this restless cricketing schedule, more cricketers are susceptible to not just physical injuries, but also the psychological challenges that are part of the cricket. Today i will tell about these 5 famous cricketers who made successful comebacks after battling cancer.

Michael Clarke

Clarke suffered from skin cancer. Michael Clarke was operated on to remove 3 cancers from his lips and nose, forcing him to miss the test series against Indies in 2006. Cricket’s played under sunny skies but at last the sun becomes Clarke’s enemy.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj often ran out of breath during the match. He help Team India won the World Cup for India. Months after the World Cup, Yuvraj was diagnosed with lung cancer. He fought – and won. After over ten weeks of treatment, he won his personal battle, defeating the disease and making a full recovery.

Ashley Noffke

While undergoing treatment for an injured hip, during England’s domestic county in 2008, Ashley Noffke accidently discovered that he had skin cancer. What looked like a small and harmless mole behind his right knee turned out to be the most lethal form of skin cancer.

Dave Callaghan

Having made his debut for the Proteas, Dave Callaghan’s plans were thrown off the track when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in September 1991, forcing him to miss out the World Cup in 1992.

Jai Prakash Yadav

Jai Pakash Yadav, a young 21 year old from Madhya Pradesh, was all set to be the latest sensation in the Indian team, only for his world to fall apart as he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour. Yadav underwent 3 rounds of chemotherapy and lost more than 15 kilos in the process, but continued his fight against the cancer and made his comeback.

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