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Divorce threat by wife the player was forced to play cricket has today made this cricketer a legendary all-rounder!

Today we are telling you about the player of India who wanted to be away from cricket at a time but because of the threat of divorce from wife, the player was forced to play cricket. Today, this player has become a major soldier of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s army.

These players are none other than Kedar Jadhav, who played for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL. Kedar Jadhav married a girl named Snehal, at the time of his marriage, he played with the team of Maharashtra.

During the honeymoon, when Kedar Jadhav got the news that he had been expelled from the team because of poor performance, he had decided to quit cricket after being frustrated.

But Jadhav’s wife Snehal had threatened him that if he quit the game, then she would get divorced from him. Jadhav returned to the ground after the threat of his wife and made his place in the Indian team. Today Kedar Jadhav is one of Chennai Super King’s star players.

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