ICC World Cup 2019: Kapil Dev Wishes Best for Virat Kohli, Says He Doesn’t Need Any ‘Advice’

Kapil Dev believes the Indian skipper heading to the ICC World Cup 2019 doesn’t need advice. He wished him his best wishes along with the entire nation. The former Indian cricketer and skipper shared the table with during an award function on Thursday.

On being asked, the legendary Indian captain said he just wished the captain heading for his first World Cup.

“There was no need for me to advise Virat, he’s the present India captain and only needs our best wishes. So, in London, I wished Virat and his team the very best, that is all…

“In fact, I added the entire country’s best wishes are there for a successful World Cup campaign…” excalimed Kapil

It wasn’t just Kapil and Virat at the table during function, India’s head coach was present with them as well. Besides, the whole Indian squad for the World Cup 2019 was present at the function as confirmed by Kapil who believes it is coaches job to advice Kohli.

“There’s a full-fledged coaching staff and it’s their job to advise Virat,” told Kapil.

On being asked about his success mantra in India’s first victorious , Kapil revealed it was just self-belief that got them the championship.

“We began believing we could do it… Self-belief was there in plenty, even though many chose to call our win a fluke. Even if it was, it was a great fluke.”

The message was clear; the veteran captain of India suggested the importance of self-belief to register any win.

The premier tournament will kick off from 30th May with England taking on South Africa. And the key to the tournament will be skills, consistency and most importantly, self-belief.

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